Other Publications

All publications by Joel Snyder are copyright protected. Please contact Joel Snyder at jsnyder@audiodescribe.com for permission to reproduce.

"The Visual Made Verbal" by Joel Snyder from The Didactics of Audiovisual Translation, edited by Jorge Diaz-Cintas (106K PDF)

"The Fundamentals of Audio Description" by Joel Snyder (24K DOC)

"Audio Description-An Aid To Literacy" by Joel Snyder (33K DOC)

"Annotated Audio Description script to Color of Paradise excerpt" by Joel Snyder (33K DOC)

What Do You See? Notes on Audio Description. Tom Weatherston; Kentucky Center for the Arts; 502 562-0198.

Descriptive Film Notes. Elly Rubin; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; 617 369-3299; www.mfa.org.

What Do You Do When You Meet Someone Who Can't See. Lighthouse International, New York, NY; 212 821-9200; www.lighthouse.org.

"A Guide for Sighted People ... When with Blind or Visually Impaired Persons." The Jewish Guild for the Blind, New York, NY; 212 769-6200; www.jgb.org.

Conference Summary: The First Annual International Conference on Audio Description (June 1995). 1995 ADI Conference Summary (162K DOC)

The Second International Conference on Audio Description (March 2002) 2002 ADI Conference Summary

For additional audio description resources and information, go to the American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Project website at: www.acb.org/adp.

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